Personal Chef Work

Sorella Natural Foods is pleased to offer Chef-made meal delivery in Mid-Missouri.

As a client, you'll receive weekly menus with plenty of nutrient dense options designed to fit your specific personal tastes.

After a Personal Taste Preference Questionnaire and a free initial meeting, we'll be ready to get started with your healthy diet and easy to serve meals!

There are no membership fees or hidden costs. With each delivery, you will receive an invoice that includes the following:
-ingredient cost
-chef-prep fee at $35 an hour (most menu items take 10-30 minutes of prep work)

Currently we are NOT charging for menu planning, consultations, grocery shopping or clean-up! You will only be invoiced for prep work, which is the time it takes to wash, chop, dice, stir, puree..

Each meal also includes :
reheating and serving instructions
freezing instructions, if applicable
expiration dates

At Sorella Natural Foods, we specialize in Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Raw & Living Foods, Macrobiotics and Ayurveda culinary techniques. 

Suited to fit your desires, you'll receive seasonal weekly menus with the following options:

-Fresh Juices, Smoothies & Teas
-Nut & Seed based Milks, Cheeses, Sauces & Dressings
-Cold & Warm Sides
-Snacks & Breakfast

Let us help you eat better and feel happier. Whether you've been ill, too busy or just don't have the time & energy to shop, plan and prepare all your own meals, hiring Sorella for personal chef-work is the perfect opportunity to do something wonderful for yourself.

For more information contact

Chef Shelly La Fata

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