In-Home Culinary Lessons

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In-Home Culinary Classes

Check out our list of available lessons. Each class will be designed with recipes to fit your personal tastes.

Knife Skills 101
Learn to slice and dice in all shapes and
sizes. You’ll be executing the chiffonade,
julienne and brunois just like the pros. Even
learn to make fun shapes such as flowers.
Practicing knife skills will cut back on your
meal prep time greatly and reduce the risk
of injury with your sharp kitchen knives.

Glorious beans! Low in fat and loaded with
minerals, protein, fiber and vitamins — who
doesn’t need to eat more beans? In this
class we’ll explore a variety of beans and
learn to prepare bean burgers, soups, dips,
salads and more.

Veggie Burgers
How do they make them? We’ll show
you! Choose between rice burgers, bean
burgers, potato burgers, grain burgers and
nut burgers, all loaded with healthy veggies,
herbs and spices. After this class, you’ll
have a freezer stocked with delicious and
nutritious burgers!

This course is an introduction to the world of
at-home fermentation. Pick a topic for your
class and we’ll jump right in! Here are some
classics we suggest starting with: tempeh,
natto, kimchi, sauerkraut, veggie pickles
and kefir.

Sea Vegetables
In this course you’ll learn about the health
benefits and versatility of sea vegetables.
Together, we can prepare stir-fries,
sandwiches, salads, soups, snack bars and
even dessert.

Mother’s Sauces Made Vegan
When you learn to make sauces, you
move up several notches on the culinary
totem pole. These are the base for many
meals, and once you learn the techniques
there will be endless variations to create.
We’ll show you techniques for béchamel,
hollandaise, tomato sauce, gravies and

Make your own! Let us know what interests
you, and we’ll go from there. From
traditional ketchup to curry ketchup to
apricot BBQ sauce, vegan ranch, vegan
mayonnaise, Indian chutneys, raitas, stir-fry
sauce, Asian dipping sauces and so much

One-Pot Meals
Need a quick, healthy fix for dinner? Look no
further! You’ll learn delicious, easy recipes in
this course and be inspired to create recipes
of your own. We’ll use this season’s bounty
to create colorful, tasty and filling dishes.
You can be sure to have leftovers!

Salads and Dressings
Need some inspiration with your salad menu
at home? Sorella recommends at least one
salad a day, and we can help you create
nutritionally dense and delicious salads that
will leave you satisfied and full of energy.
You’ll learn how adaptable this meal can
be. Almost anything you have on hand can
be turned into a salad ingredient! We’ll also
go over creative techniques and ideas for
dressings. Lets eat!

Vegan BBQ
What does a vegan BBQ look like?
DELICIOUS! We’ll marinate and grill veggies,
fruit and tempeh or tofu. Plus, we’ll create
seasonal slaws and side dishes to go
along with the meal. Don’t forget drinks
and dessert! It’s easy to throw together a
refreshing spritzer and something bright and
sweet to finish off the meal.

RAW – Sprouts and Microgreens
Learn to grow tasty nutrition powerhouses
at home — SPROUTS! This is the basis for a
healthy raw diet. You’ll learn to soak and
sprout seeds, nuts, grains and beans then
use them in any number of dishes that you
could imagine. This is such a simple and
clean process, you’ll wonder what took you
so long to get started!

RAW – Smoothies, Juices and Soups

This may sound simple enough, but we can
show you ways to pack in more greens and
superfoods while still enjoying a refreshing
and delicious drink. From prep techniques
to flavor combinations, this is a subject best
learned from the experts. Raw smoothies,
juices and soups are a huge step toward a
healthier and happier you. We promise that
you’ll notice a huge difference immediately.

RAW – Dehydration
The curriculum for this course is nearly
endless. Let us know what interests you, and
we can take it from there. Veggie Burgers,
nut and seed crackers, vegetable-based
wraps and tortillas, granolas, cookies,
battered kale chips.

Whole Grains
Learn about quinoa, rice, millet, oats,
polenta, teff, amaranth, barley and/or
any other grain you’re interested in. We
can show you to make tasty salads, soups,
breakfast, casseroles and lunch and dinner
entrees. After this class you’ll be much
more confident storing a plethora of grains
in your pantry and using them much more

Soups 1
The basics. Learn to save and use all your
vegetable scraps to create intensely
flavorful broths that will add depth to soups
and many other dishes. This sounds simple,
but it’s one of our very favorite classes.
Create broths such as garlic mushroom
and herb, sweet corn and squash, roasted
pepper, light vegetable, dashi (used for
miso soups) and so much more. Broths can
be used much more widely than just soup,
and again, the possibilities here are endless.
Once you learn these skills you’ll be cooking
with much more ease in your own kitchen

Soups 2
Here at Sorella, we are excited about
soups, and we aim to share our love to
ladle far and wide. Whichever season
we’re celebrating, soups are an easy and
healthy way to enjoy nature’s bounty. Make
a big pot, eat all week, share with friends
or store it in your freezer. You’ll be amazed
at the fun and flavorful combinations we
can create, along with all your favorite
comforting classics.

Healing Desserts
Two words not commonly heard together,
but we believe it is possible. Amaze your
friends with rich & decadent tarts, crèmes,
ice creams, cashew-based cheesecakes,
cookies, pies, bars and more. These are all
vegan, flourless and fabulous.

Home Processing
Choose from one of the following: Canning,
Fresh Cheese, Yogurt, Tofu, Tempeh, Seitan,
Pasta, Miso and Mochi.

Are there culinary skills that you would like to learn and don't see above? Run it by the chef, we are happy to hear from you, and if possible, design a class around those skills.

For more information or to schedule a class

contact Chef Shelly La Fata

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